Some Kind of Badass Dweebling

I’ve been thinking about piercing second holes in my earlobes, and I finally just did it tonight. I watched some videos, not that I needed to. I already pierced my two main holes and some ones in my upper ear when I was in high school. Now that I have a snazzy new haircut, you can actually see my ears, so I want to wear earrings more. I love piercings, but the pain part scares me. Although honestly, it’s more the anticipation that makes me nuts. Knowing that I’m going to be in control of it makes it easier that getting it done somewhere.

Honestly, it didn’t hurt that much. Shoving the thicker part of the needle in hurt the most, and then putting the earring in. It was so fast and easy, too. I was surprised the I did the entire thing in like five minutes. I definitely want to pierce a second hole on the other side, and maybe third holes, but for now one is fine, especially because I’m not gonna like sleeping with the earring in. 😛 I even pierced my mom’s third hole, and my sister’s second hole. I’m shocked that my sister actually tolerated it and let me finish.

So there’s a nice closeup of my face. -_- Earrings are officially my new favorite accessory. That and rings.

Of course I soaked everything in rubbing alcohol. No worries.



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