You are Lovely, It’s True

The other night I severely just wanted to make some type of flier to hang out in public. So I made this one, by cutting through pretty patterned paper, and gluing it to plain white paper. I really like how it turned out, and I have it hanging in my room now, but I really would like to hang it somewhere in public.

What I really would like to do, is make a whole bunch of different inspirational artful fliers and hang them in stores and on street posts, and on mailboxes, and just everywhere for people to see and take and be inspired. I had wanted to do this before and also make a zine for it, but that was when I didn’t even believe myself to be the things I wrote about. Now I just want to spread my art and hopefully cheer up some people’s days. Plus, it is the truth, that you are lovely. Also, each one would be different so people would know that the artist of them actually cared about each one. I imagine I would have to make like, one hundred for them to actually be seen around here, but I think it would be awesome if I could really get them noticed, and have people all curious about it. I also have been daydreaming about if I actually did make a ton and stick ’em everywhere, and if they put it in the paper or on the local news station. Of course, right now I don’t think I want to sign them or anything. If I do end up making a zine about it, I would put something like a link to it on it, but other than that, no one would no who made them. I think that would spark people’s curiosity, because they wouldn’t be advertising anyone’s art or anything.

Really it just makes me happy to see people happy. Hence why my favorite part of Christmas is getting gifts for everyone. Plus, art makes people happy, too. Even though it’s nothing too fancy, I really do want to do it. Just have a day of making as many as I can, and then drive around to places and hang them up! I think it’s a good form of street art. It is hopefully motivating for people, and I don’t have to worry about getting caught if I were to do graffiti (which I have also thought about). Also, people would be able to take them down and keep them, or pass them along or whatever. (:

Also, it would be really cool if you would do it too, you know, if you want to. Like a little street art revolution of happy and pretty things! If anyone does, let me know, that would be so awesome!

And don’t forget:


2 thoughts on “You are Lovely, It’s True

  1. Love this Chels! How cool would it be to get together and make a bunch of these and hang them all around town. Or even if we put a link to our ‘magazine blog’ or whatever when the time comes around.

    I love it though, so pretty!(:

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