Today I decided it would probably be a good idea to take down the Christmas decorations in my room. So I put away my mini tree, along with all the random Christmas things floating around my room. I probably missed something.

Anyway, while I had my holiday decorations box out, I  noticed some really cool Halloween stuff, well mostly just this bat. I opened the package, put it together and it is now hanging on my wall. Its eyes blink red, and I think it’s just so cool, that I figured, why wait until Halloween. I’m still looking for a more permanent spot to put him, but right now he is hanging over my desk.

I also replaced my multi-colored fairy lights for some pastel ones. I couldn’t get a picture to show their true color, but they are really pretty and muted. I would like to find somewhere else to put them as well, other than over my bookshelf, but I’m sure they will end up staying there for a while. Plus, there’s no other place where they can reach a plug.

Lastly I swapped out my more Christmassy looking flowers for some…non-Christmassy flowers. I don’t really have any for Spring, so these will have to do. Also, I probably should have remembered to take the pine branches out of them…I guess I’ll be finding a bunch of pine needles in my closet.

And now I will grace you with a photo of my adorable cat, Kitty.

I know this was not much of a post, but I just wanted to give a little glimpse into my room now that I’m caught up with the seasons/holidays (and to show you my batty!) Have a lovely night, or day, whichever it is when you read this. I am also trying to write non-depressing poems, so bare with me.



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