Birthday Photos

So for my birthday this year, all I wanted to do is go on a drive to take some pictures. And that is what we did! It was so much fun, and we came across some cool stuff, including a donkey and mule who came over to us while we were taking pictures. I wish, however, I had somewhere else to share these other than my blog. My mom suggested making prints to sell, which is a pretty good idea. Especially at the craft fair next fall, because it would be local people. I’m not including all the pictures because there are too many, and I tried uploading them yesterday, and it failed. Please enjoy them, and pleasssse let me know what you think!

PS:  I finally feel like I have some things I can put on my Portfolio page.



To Feel True Joy

I got up this morning. Tuesday. The morning after the Martin Luther King Jr. three day weekend. It’s the day back to school, and back to work. And for me, another day of waiting for my job and sitting at home with my dogs and cat. It was a two-hour delay according to the school district, so everyone got out two hours later, which is about the time I get up.

I came down stairs, and walked my dogs because nobody else will. Since it snowed last night, for the first official time this winter season, my one dog, Charlie, started eating the snow when we were outside. All three of them were not used to the white terrain, and they were annoying and adorable as always.

I came inside and went to the kitchen, got myself some food, and looked out the window. Then suddenly it hit me- a pure and impenetrable joy, from deep inside myself. It needed no reason for being there other than just to be there. It was one of the truest forms of happiness that I have experienced in a while. I’m sure there have been plenty of other times throughout my life, but now I recognized it and was able to understand it better, which compelled me to write about it. Thinking about all the projects I want to do, whether or not I do them, and of the food I was about to eat, I became filled with this joy, contentment, and peace. Something more than just happiness. I was excited for the possibility of what was to come. It was a joy that had no reason for being there, other than to celebrate the fact that I was alive, and that I have to ability to do whatever I want with my day.

So now I sit here eating homemade nachos and leftover birthday cake, and having to shut my dogs up every five minutes. However, despite that, and despite the fact that I don’t know when I’m going back to work, despite every bad thought I can muster in my head, I know what it means to feel true joy. It’s a feeling I can make last, even for just a day, even for just an hour. The only thing I can do, is continue to be grateful for living, and continue to live. If I try hard enough, I keep the good feelings in, and the bad thoughts out.

I hope you all get a chance to experience this and recognize it, or that you already have. I also hope it will be a recurring thing, not just for me, but for everyone.

If you are feeling down today, just remember that you are alive, and that you can change the bad thoughts that go in your head. You can change how you feel about certain situations, and you have to ability to react differently to them. There’s so much power inside you that you don’t even know you have. And you don’t need to seek it, or try to change yourself to find it. It is there simply because you’re alive. That is the only requirement for true joy- being alive.

Have a lovely day.

Twenty Years

Twenty years. That’s how long I’ve been alive. Two decades.

Like any birthday, it doesn’t feel any different from the day before. And anyway, the reality is that I still am the same person, just a day older than yesterday, and a year older than the last.

Somehow, though, it does feel different when I think about it. Twenty is the age of an adult, of someone who has started to develop an idea of what they would like their life to be. Yet I don’t feel like an adult, and I certainly haven’t figured out what I want my life to be. It’s not the responsibilities that I don’t feel up to speed with, but rather the idea of my future.

When I was younger, I used to count down the years until I was out of school. I remember in elementary school saying to myself on the playground “seven more years”, and in high school “only four more years.” A seed is planted very early on in a child’s life about the guidelines of how a person’s life goes. You go to school, go to college, get married, have kids, have a career and die. I don’t ever remember a time when I was younger that I thought of any other way to do it. I used to think about when I turn twenty. I imagined I would probably be in college, and moved out of my parent’s house and have a job and a boyfriend, and all that. I told myself in a non-blatant way, that I would be cooler, and better when I was twenty. I would know what I want to do, and have the guts to do it.

I imagined myself as someone else. Or rather, I imagined the pure soul of myself. I imagined myself with all the confidence I didn’t have at the time. I imagined my true, uninterrupted self, that only exists in a world where Eve didn’t eat the apple.

Nonetheless, I thought that by the time I was twenty, I won’t be so nervous, and so quiet, and so worried of what people think. I never considered the fact that I would still be the same person I was, and that my self-issues wouldn’t go away overnight.

While it is true that I have changed over the years, some things for the worse, and some for the better, I am still the same person. I used to think when I was younger “I hope I don’t become one of those partying kids”, and things like that. But I guess I never realized that I still would be the same person.

So where does that leave me? Well, I didn’t become one of those partying kids. However, I still haven’t grown into my confidence. I still don’t know what I want to do with anything in my life. Frankly, I don’t even like the idea of a “traditional” life. The pros and cons of going to college constantly weigh in my head. Besides realizing that being able to go to community college isn’t a given, I’m not even sure it’s what I want to do. In this day and age, I’m not fond of marriage, but hey, I haven’t even fallen in love yet. I still don’t plan on having kids, but my mind is licensed to change. I live with my parents, and wouldn’t have the money to move out anyway. If I didn’t currently have a job on hold, it would be a reck for me to try to find another.

What I know right now is that I want to be a writer. I want to do so many things, and be so many things, but above all, I want to be a writer. And that is all I have ever truly wanted to be.

The life ideal that is practically stamped on our foreheads is just ridiculous. Because two summers ago, when I realized I didn’t know what to do about college, and a job, and my “life”, I sunk to the lowest I’ve ever been. My mind was so wrapped up in the fact that “I failed”, that I could not focus on living. The time had come for me to start my life, but I had no idea how to start it. Truthfully, I still don’t know how. The difference is that just a year ago, I had let that get to me. I had based how I saw myself and who I was around the fact that I was still confused. I hated that I was so unprepared, and I wasted my time with the feeling of being a failure at life.

Twenty years. Yet I feel so much older. Everything in the past seems like it happened in another life. I’m not proud of how I used to be, but I won’t deny it. If I hadn’t gotten so low, I might not have come up to where I am now. Every thing I’ve been through, each day, each year, has only helped me learn about what truly matters and that it is okay that I haven’t figured my life out yet. There’s nothing to “figure out” anyway.

I’ve come so far in the last year that there is no way the number twenty can describe me. It’s been less than a year really, since I’ve grown. This time last year I was hardly able to open my eyes, only to have them glued back shut in the spring. However, my fall and winter were polar opposites from last year. For once I feel like I have learned how to keep my eyes open, and that even if they do close for a little while, that is okay.

I still feel like a kid at heart, but I think most people probably do. When we were kids, we had no worries, no self-consciences. We were our most pure selves when we were kids.  And I think we probably spend our adult lives trying to get back to that. Some of us spend more time than others. Most of us have to get there the hard way. But I assure you it’s worth returning to, and it’s a lot easier than we make it.

I am lucky that I have already started opening my eyes at such a young age. It hopefully saves me the whole midlife crisis deal. Plus, I have become much smarter and wiser, just in the past few months. With everything that happens in my life, I can only grow wiser.

It is true that I still am the same person I was ten years ago, and five years ago. Yet in each moment, I am growing. In each moment, I have the ability to be my true self. I will be stronger and wiser than I was yesterday, and each day that passes hitherto.

Twenty years. I am thankful for all the shit I had to go through, and all the pain I put myself through. I am thankful that I was smart enough not to let those things kill me. I am thankful for moving three times, and realizing that home isn’t any place. I am thankful for this past year of indecision, depression, and awakening. And of course, as cheesy as it sounds, I am thankful for having been alive these past twenty years.

Thank you, God.


Today I decided it would probably be a good idea to take down the Christmas decorations in my room. So I put away my mini tree, along with all the random Christmas things floating around my room. I probably missed something.

Anyway, while I had my holiday decorations box out, I  noticed some really cool Halloween stuff, well mostly just this bat. I opened the package, put it together and it is now hanging on my wall. Its eyes blink red, and I think it’s just so cool, that I figured, why wait until Halloween. I’m still looking for a more permanent spot to put him, but right now he is hanging over my desk.

I also replaced my multi-colored fairy lights for some pastel ones. I couldn’t get a picture to show their true color, but they are really pretty and muted. I would like to find somewhere else to put them as well, other than over my bookshelf, but I’m sure they will end up staying there for a while. Plus, there’s no other place where they can reach a plug.

Lastly I swapped out my more Christmassy looking flowers for some…non-Christmassy flowers. I don’t really have any for Spring, so these will have to do. Also, I probably should have remembered to take the pine branches out of them…I guess I’ll be finding a bunch of pine needles in my closet.

And now I will grace you with a photo of my adorable cat, Kitty.

I know this was not much of a post, but I just wanted to give a little glimpse into my room now that I’m caught up with the seasons/holidays (and to show you my batty!) Have a lovely night, or day, whichever it is when you read this. I am also trying to write non-depressing poems, so bare with me.


This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes we forget that everything that happens, will eventually come to an end. No matter how big or small the event or situation is, once it is done it’s done. Sometimes it takes longer because we need time to think, to accept what is. Sometimes it’s there and gone before we even know it.

A broken heart may need some time before it is healed. Or happiness may come in a single day and leave us in our sleep. Of all the so called bad things that go on in our lives, and of all the so-called good things that go on in our lives, it’s important to remember that they won’t last forever.

Even the memories we hold so close to ourselves are only mirror reflections on the backs of our eyes. We will never be able to capture a moment again, once it is gone. No matter how many times we replay it in our heads, it is over, and done with. We have to let those memories go. Look back on them with happiness, not a longing for something that will never be.  And we have to let go of all the bad memories we keep locked in our heads. They are over. We can’t go back and change them. We can only move forward. We can only learn from them and apply them to our lives now. No good will come from reliving those bad memories. They can only poison our thoughts and energy.

Forgive the past. Forgive yourself. Nothing can change what happened, no matter how much you wish you could. Those things can’t hurt you anymore unless you let them. It’s your choice.

You need to enjoy now. Be grateful for what you have, as cliched as that sounds. Only love lasts forever; everything else will leave in time. Enjoy the good moments that happen to you as they happen to you, and then let them go. Accept the bad moments in your life, and then let them go.

Once they are over, they can never come back.


Right now I am at a place where the voice in my head has started using a megaphone again. Everything I see and hear, has to go through it first, and fill my head with judgements. Sometimes it is hard to think over the voice, and sometimes I forget it’s even there.

It turns out that I’m not starting my job when I thought I would. It’s out of my control, yet I’m still upset that I can’t start making some money. For the past few days I’ve felt down because of it. Also, I’ve been thinking about the whole college debate again. The one in my head that goes something like: “I want to go to college to make friends and learn.” “But, hello, college is expensive. Also, what’s the point of a degree?” “And anyway, how am I going to get there because I can’t drive?” It’s a cycle that can play out for quite some time, until I’m all confused about life again and feeling upset because I haven’t figured anything out, and because I suck at driving, and because I feel like a hermit.

And what follows are bad things happening. Carrying around that bad energy, has had me on edge, and is leaving behind a trail of grey feelings. The peace inside me is replaced by a constant feeling of unease- such as in yesterday’s poem. However, I know it at least, how I am feeling and why, and that is the first step in overcoming it.

Today that feeling is gone. For the most part. If the voice starts up again I have to shut it up, and focus on doing what I’m doing. I know I still need to figure everything out, but right now I can’t decide my future. Right now, all I have is right now. I’m using my creativity to make bracelets that I can hopefully sell, and planning shoe altering projects, and writing poetry and such.

And once this whole work situation thing is over, then I will be able to start my job and making money and saving for things. I just need to wait and use my time to be productive instead of wasting it by over-thinking. Patience and acceptance are key.

I feel good today, and I plan on keeping it that way. It’s my choice, after all.


A taste like sour milk at the back of your throat,

Dissatisfaction with what is and what isn’t,

No matter how many times you swallow, it remains,

Forcing the bend of your spine,

And your eyelids half closed over your eyes,

You morph into some half-living corpse,

Unable to figure anything out,

Except to find a grave for which your body can lay,

Yet the cemetery seems to be full at the moment,

Your life goes on, as does the taste in the back of your throat,

Taunting you of what is and what isn’t.

Waking Up Before I Fall Asleep

Sky like a bruise out my window,

Clock reads eleven pm.

Peace of night invades my empty room.

Vision of fuzz without glasses,

And without words that fill my head.


Few lights on at the tire place,

Down the road a bit, to the left,

Space between the window and blinds.

Three, I think, I remember,

But I didn’t count anyway.


Trees still against road silent,

Which whisper back and forth,

Whisper back and forth.

And a car approaches,

Several miles down the road,

In a tiny hum that you can only hear,

If you listen.

The Middle of Winter

I wrote this poem today and figured I should share it. While I love writing poems, I feel like they are my weakness. Of all the things I write, I usually never end up loving my poems. My confidence level of them isn’t very high, mostly because I am still trying to figure out what exactly a poem is, and what constitutes a “real poem” from some lines strung together. I guess, mostly I judge a poem by content, the mood it sets, and how it sounds when read out loud. I don’t really have an opinion of my own poems because I wrote them. Sometimes I know when I use words I don’t like, but mostly I just write poems for the sake of writing them. They may suck and they may not. Also, I would love the write a post sometime about my short history when it comes to writing poetry, rather than just cramming it in here.

I haven’t written any in a while, except for one on New Year’s Eve. I warn you that I am a huge amateur. However, I would really appreciate some feedback on it! So yeah, sorry for the long intro, without further ado, here it is:

The Middle of Winter

January 5, 2012

You sit with your cup of coffee,

soaking in its slowly dissipating heat,

because you couldn’t

afford your heating bill this month.

You try to come up with nice things to tell yourself,

like:  It’ll be okay, and Tomorrow

will be better.

But, hell,

you don’t even know if that’s true.

You so much want to believe it,

but you would rather believe in

the facts.

The facts that say you are broke,

and alone, and the cold

has reached the core of your bones.

You can’t keep your fingers

from trembling, shivering.

And the wind that blows

burns your eyes so that you

can’t see

the light that still shines in the sky,

and on the television screen,

and in the single lightbulb

over the bathroom


The light that never leaves you,

has only been blocked out by

the clouds you summoned over it,

by the “facts” that eat your thoughts.

It is merely an illusion,

one that you cannot look past,

because you believe those so-called facts

define you.

It is hardly the middle of winter;

it has snowed but once.

Yet you are trapped in ice and

shivering your way through


A single snowflake falls out your window,

but you are blind to its beauty.

Instead you fill your head with metaphors:

Oh how the snowflake will fall 

and die without love, just as I.

While in truth, the snowflake

has all it will ever need. It is perfect as it is,

no matter how or where it falls,

no matter what you call it.

For it can only ever be itself- a simple,

yet intricate, feather-like ice crystal,

birthed from the clouds that

only just block the light out for a little while,


But never can they hinder its beauty,

nor can they block out the light


You are Lovely, It’s True

The other night I severely just wanted to make some type of flier to hang out in public. So I made this one, by cutting through pretty patterned paper, and gluing it to plain white paper. I really like how it turned out, and I have it hanging in my room now, but I really would like to hang it somewhere in public.

What I really would like to do, is make a whole bunch of different inspirational artful fliers and hang them in stores and on street posts, and on mailboxes, and just everywhere for people to see and take and be inspired. I had wanted to do this before and also make a zine for it, but that was when I didn’t even believe myself to be the things I wrote about. Now I just want to spread my art and hopefully cheer up some people’s days. Plus, it is the truth, that you are lovely. Also, each one would be different so people would know that the artist of them actually cared about each one. I imagine I would have to make like, one hundred for them to actually be seen around here, but I think it would be awesome if I could really get them noticed, and have people all curious about it. I also have been daydreaming about if I actually did make a ton and stick ’em everywhere, and if they put it in the paper or on the local news station. Of course, right now I don’t think I want to sign them or anything. If I do end up making a zine about it, I would put something like a link to it on it, but other than that, no one would no who made them. I think that would spark people’s curiosity, because they wouldn’t be advertising anyone’s art or anything.

Really it just makes me happy to see people happy. Hence why my favorite part of Christmas is getting gifts for everyone. Plus, art makes people happy, too. Even though it’s nothing too fancy, I really do want to do it. Just have a day of making as many as I can, and then drive around to places and hang them up! I think it’s a good form of street art. It is hopefully motivating for people, and I don’t have to worry about getting caught if I were to do graffiti (which I have also thought about). Also, people would be able to take them down and keep them, or pass them along or whatever. (:

Also, it would be really cool if you would do it too, you know, if you want to. Like a little street art revolution of happy and pretty things! If anyone does, let me know, that would be so awesome!

And don’t forget:

Bone Jewelry

Lately I’ve been really obsessed with bone jewelry! There are so many pretty things on Etsy that I wish I could afford. Once I start my job and have paid the first month on my camera, I am going to buy something. Anyway, here are a few pretty pictures of some of the animal bone jewelry on Etsy that I’ve been loving. Most of them are real bones, but some aren’t, (well, at least the bird skull earrings aren’t.) The first picture will link you over to the Etsy Treasury that I made with some of my favorite items.

Hope those didn’t creep you out too much. Personally I think they are gorgeous pieces. Also, the animals weren’t killed for the purpose of making the jewelry. Obviously, then I would not like them. I wish I could find bones and make jewelry out of them, but I won’t be holding my breath to find any. XP