Birthday Photos

So for my birthday this year, all I wanted to do is go on a drive to take some pictures. And that is what we did! It was so much fun, and we came across some cool stuff, including a donkey and mule who came over to us while we were taking pictures. I wish, however, I had somewhere else to share these other than my blog. My mom suggested making prints to sell, which is a pretty good idea. Especially at the craft fair next fall, because it would be local people. I’m not including all the pictures because there are too many, and I tried uploading them yesterday, and it failed. Please enjoy them, and pleasssse let me know what you think!

PS:  I finally feel like I have some things I can put on my Portfolio page.



Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I liked this picture on tumblr, and wanted to try to recreate it. And so I did.

Mine, of course, is different. However, the idea wasn’t to copy the original. I just wanted to try to recreate it with what I have. The lighting is obviously different. Also, I wanted to show more of my hands than she did. I tried a few varieties of bracelets, but I liked just the one the most. What I wish was more similar was the length of the shirt. Mine is much shorter, therefore showing more of my pants, making it so the pattern of the shirt doesn’t really follow through in the picture.

So yeah. I like doing pictures like this. Also, you get to see my tattoo.