Bigger Than Me

Just yesterday and today, I have been thinking about many things, all of which are about As You Are. Currently, As You Are is a zine, which, I just realized, I never wrote about on this blog yet (whoops)! Anyway, it is about life, spirituality, and is my attempt to transfer what I have learned, to others in an inspirational way. While the zine is, in part, about me and my life, it is more focused on how my life is similar to everyone else’s. Mainly, I want to share what I know, in the hopes of helping people live a better life. Although just a single person makes it, I want it to be something more than me. Even if I take submissions in future issues, I want it to be bigger than just a zine. I’ve been considering making a blog/website for it, as well as a podcast.

I have to say, the idea of having a website dedicated to AYA is very intimidating. Beside having to keep it updated and whatnot, I feel like once it is a website, I will have to expand the message. And I want to, of course. However, it is a big responsibility to lead a…movement? I am still very new to all the things I want to write about and share with people, but that doesn’t make me want to not share it. I don’t really care about the popularity  (or non-popularity) aspect of it. I don’t even so much care about making a name for AYA. I just want to spread the message of it. I want to change people’s lives. I want to help people.

The podcast thing sounds like a good idea as well. As opposed to a zine, a podcast can reach so many more people. It would be free, and it would be for everyone, not just zine people. However, the idea of having a podcast is also very daunting. It feels more real, because it would be my actual voice and thoughts and writing, directly out into the world. Then there’s the work part to it. Is my built-in mic good enough? Or should I invest in a real mic? How important is this to get done and put time and money into? It’s not even a matter of, will people read it? For me, it’s more of, am I saying what I’m trying to say in a way people will understand and agree with?

Maybe having a podcast is a long shot. I’m not very internet famous, so who’s to say it would even reach anyone. And who’s to say I am worthy of preaching such things. I just have a good feeling about all of this. As You Are is something more than just me. It’s bigger than what I have to say, or how I say it. It’s bigger than any words or art or notions. It’s a spark to start the fire in people’s lives. It’s a seed to grow a new way of living. It’s bigger than any zine, podcast or website. It’s an attempt to help people reach their true selves. It’s peace.