TV Shows I Don’t Watch on TV

Sorry, I’m so lame. I posted this on my tumblr as well, but this blog hasn’t gotten much action. I don’t watch much tv, except like history/discovery/nat geo stuff like that. Mostly shows that involve antiques, and strange people- people with addictions, in the er, and FBI shows. My current favorite is I [Almost] Got Away With It. Anyway, having Netflix, I would like to watch some entire show series, in order, from start to finish.

I decided to start watching entire series of shows on Netflix since the only show I actually remember to watch every week is The Walking Dead, and because it would be cool to watch old shows that people obsess about. So I’m making a list of shows, and I’m gonna start watching them!

  • Lost (I started this one today!)
  • Skins (UK, duh) (I already started this one. I’m on season two, but I kind of have to be in the mood to watch it.)
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Office
  • Star Trek (all of them- assuming I like it)
  • The Twilight Zone (started this one a while back.)
  • Doctor Who
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Parks and Recreation (don’t even know what it’s about)
  • 30 Rock (nor this one)
  • United States of Tara (started it)

That’s all I got so far, and I don’t even know if and when I’ll actually watch them. Let me know if any of them are crap. Any other one’s I missed or that you recommend!?!?

Maybe I’ll post more later about my progress with some of these shows. Right now I think I’m going to dive into Lost, but I might start some others. Some I feel are more involved and drama-filled than others. Maybe I’ll watch some of the lighter ones in between the bigger ones (if that makes any sense). 😛